Sustainable job creation and export opportunities in the Scottish Construction Industry

Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment
6pm, November 27th 2013
Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh

Mike MacKenzie MSP and Glasgow Caledonian University would like to invite you to join us to hear evidence from leading experts on how using sustainably-sourced Scottish building materials can create jobs and export opportunities, as well as supporting regional development in economically-deprived areas of the country.

Traditional construction and refurbishment creates jobs and by far the largest proportion of the construction spend should stay in the local and regional economy. Scotland retains, and in some cases has relearnt, the skills needed to maintain and improve the existing built environment which underpins much of the socio-economic life of the country and contributes to the unique appeal of Scotland.

Speakers will outline how these job opportunities are self funding, provide examples of where this has already been done, and the challenge this presents to policy makers.

The meeting will hear evidence from Richard Atkins, a Fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland and an expert in designing sustainable buildings; John Easton, Director of SUSTaim, who has over 30 years experience of sustainability in the construction sector; and Sita Goudie of Enviroglass, which takes Shetland’s waste glass and recycles it into an innovative paving and surfacing product.

The speakers will be supported by members of the Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (NEES) Project at Glasgow Caledonian University, the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, and Architecture and Design Scotland.

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